Summer Mixtapes are always the best

you know it, I know it, there’s nothing like a good summer time anthem.

for this summer Official Fashion Meese Summer Mixtape 2011, add this song to position number one:

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Rue La La- LA LA LA LA


So… in honor of Rue La La’s upcoming New York party and recent launch I decided to finally go ahead and join Rue La La.  I am after all, always curious and interested in seeing what’s on sale.

I have to say… not really impressed.  I can’t really knock them too hard though because they follow the same basic format of every other site, not sure what I expected.  Some kind of miracle site that has some kind of revolutionary new deals that blow competitors away that just so happened to take this long to offer NYC local deals and get into my interest field.  Yeah- boring.  Sperry Topsiders, White Washed linen and furnishings, Tumi and some vacations and today’s local NYC deal?  A blowout and a manicure for $45… womp womp so not impressed.  I’m almost positive I could find many a asian to do it for far less and they’d offer me sexual pleasure and still come up under $45 and that’s the deal price.

eh these were the only decent boat shoes they had to offer.


They did however have a nice white cuisinart compact microwave marked down $20… what is this kmart?!  I’m actually extremely curious to know how many of these they sell… I thought these sites worked for luxury items and impulse buys… is a microwave something that you just buy one day because it’s on sale on a discount shopping site?

I cannot lie I do love me some ice cream and the thought of being able to whip up some fresh ice cream whenever I so chose is extremely tempting.  Again though this is a little bit of a stretch, just because it’s white and it’s generally used inside your home it makes the “white washed linens and furnishing” category.  classy summer whites.  ahhh it makes you want to be in the Hamptons microwaving tea and making fresh batches of fro yo.

Maybe it’s just a bad day in the deal market in general?

Evidently… not so.

Gilt Groupe- clearly the winner among the fashion related sites.  for format and style alone, content is right on par with what I want and HA gifts for dad. duh.

Also to be completely honest Gilt is the only one that captured me and got me to buy…


Seriously though, who wouldn’t buy that?!?  It was $5, 2 for 1 ice cream sandwiches and those things look BEAST, I don’t even know where this place is located but I’m adding myself to that waitlisting for more as fast as I can… and who wouldn’t, it’s $5.  Once you stop and you realize it’s really not that great of a price and really is more like a fair deal you don’t care you’ve just been looking at $115 dresses and $1,000 watches… $5 ice cream sandwiches at some trendy little ice cream boutique with trendy little wrappers seems like a real good deal.

Now onto Ideeli… Ideeli is very similar to Rue La La, it’s not often I find things I love here but it is often I find things I like.  I also have to say they do a good job of balancing out the deals… gym gear/workout related deal, business casual deal, young trendy deal, dresses and fun clothes, vacation, watches, shoes… on a daily basis they pretty much have at least every category covered.

and their city deals usually aren’t too bad, dads+grads that’s cute, $46 for 4 drinks and 2 menu items is actually pretty good deal too… this is New York we’re talking about and I think by now we all know how I feel about food deals. 😉

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august september… OCTOBER

currently stationed: pandora- the kooks

october is (almost) here… which means pumpkin pie, ghosts and witches, fall leaves a fallin’, chilly nights and the most beautiful days…

THEN november and thanksgiving and woah.  i love fall.

so usually people get fit for summer right?  well i’ve decided it’s just as important (since i never got fit for summer) to get fit for fall.  and why not?  we all know we do much less physical activity when there’s snow on the ground and the last thing we can think about is leaving our cozy little beds

for October Self gives us a little “pump(kin) it up!” work out using pumpkins instead of weights.  i highly recommend carving your pumpkin prior to working out so it’s lighter 😉 lazy man’s suggestion right there… plus i suspect that cute little glowing face will keep you giggling the whole time which is good for your abs!

summary:  carve it out and crunch it up.

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thank god for american heroes.

summary:  DUDE.  you have no quran.

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dancing baby elephant plays the harmonica

no big deal.

summary:  there are now elephants with more musical talent than me.

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weather channel hoax.

currently stationed:  itunes genius- the eels

i feel like music needs to be streamed from buildings throughout manhattan according to neighborhood, always something new and fresh.  turning the corner should be like changing the channel.

midtown would show off it’s showtunes while soho had the fashionable new and edgy tunes and the lower east side would rock out to a different beat.

that was actually a fake line from some cheesy pitch.

today- what a confusing day in manhattan.  we’re in that questionable period of time where you really never know what the weather is going to be like the next day.  we’re on the edge of fall but still holding onto summer.  the weather channel told me today it was going to be in the 70’s and rain.  it’s not… it’s beautiful out.  when i walked my dog i noticed that no one was dressed for 70’s and rain.. i saw light skinny jeans with flats, i saw long skirts with boots (they must have watched the same channel i did for their weather report), and short little spring like dresses with babydolls sweaters.  but nothing went together, i’d say all together no one knew what to wear.

i’ve seen people breaking out the black tights and i just bought two new pair so i’ve been itching to break them out for a few days now.  today seemed just the day (since it was supposed to rain)

i’ve had these Minnetonka boots for awhile now… and i’ve gotten to wear them a few times.  but every time i do wear them i feel like they’re a little extreme.  they’re too much.  so- i cut them.  they’re now only two fringe and come up only a little past wear a pair of Minnetonka booties would.  and i love them now.  they’re the perfect height.

paired with a pair of cut offs.  the tights were def overkill it’s hot as hell out there right now.  but i’m happy i wore my cut offs there aren’t many days left of them for this year!

summary:  goddamn right it’s a beautiful day.

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from boat shoes to duck boots.

currently stationed:  pandora- jose gonzalez

so with the change of the season means the change of the shoes.  goodbye flats and sandals hello knee highs and booties.

since i’ve moved to NYC i’ve acquired about 10 different pairs of boots (i won’t tell you the real amount for fear you’ll think i have a shopping problem)

in any case- 3 of these have been over the knee.  although i can’t wear them everyday i love them each an unbelievable amount.  a gray pair, a black pair, and a moccasin fringe style pair.  now comes the important question of the day?  how many times do i need to be able to wear these boots to make them ok to buy?

tommy hilfiger steps it into spring with an amazing transition from the boat shoe craze to the duck boot.  the problem- (if you consider it a problem) they’re over the knee, their perfection is so extreme it’s painful to think i can’t strut around in these bad boys more often.  and why not?  the sad thing is a girl with over the knee boots is a slut or even worse, a hooker. if only the rest of the world would catch up already and get with the program.  just because i wear fashionable dresses and over the knee boots does not mean i sell blowjobs on the corner.

especially bennington over the knee duck boots.

also check out snippets from their fall advertising spread featuring these bad boys.  if these don’t scream fall prep school football games i don’t know what does.

i’m love the mixture of boots, beanies, blazers and shades.  fall is too exciting.

and for those of you unable to rock the knee highs… they made booties.. of course.

not quite the same but they’ll do.

summary- ducks are sluts too, and i’m always loving the tommy hilfiger fall ads keep em coming!

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Gaga for politics

currently stationed:  netflix- weeds season 1

it’s nice to see celebrities becoming politicians rather than politicians becoming celebrities, also gotta love the classic filming and american flag background.

summary- lady gaga loves gays and sarah palin is a media whore

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where the fuck is my wallet?

currently stationed:  netflix- weeds season 1

for a ready to wear spring show i’m going to have to say Ivana Helsinki’s where the fuck is my sailor? show on Thursday really is the most ready to wear for me.

some of the pieces reminded me of the straight bohemian/hippie pieces my mother owned once upon a time.  in fact i’m pretty sure i could dig up a handmade hoodie just like the navy one but beauty is beauty and ivana does it right by me.

and of course what’s a where the fuck is my sailor show without some kind of nautical showtime.

for the full collection visit her site also loving the site’s design and music

could be my overwhelming natural desire for short minis and little rompers but i think you’ll agree when you see it 😉

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Chanel comes through yet again.

currently stationed:  pandora- crystal castles

Thank you Chanel for showing Prada how it’s done.

paying less will never get you such a refined color tone and sleek peep toe.  tgfc* (coin it)

ALSO- not sure if you’re all over this

but check out that beautiful work of art.  Chanel Soho ❤ 139 spring st… head there for the reopening and special limited edition pieces i’ll see you there *cough* i wish.


summary- thank god for chanel

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